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Finance and Econ From the Web: Peak Oil Demand, Selfishness and Partisanship, Overstated Private Equity Returns

November 12, 2018 Bilal 0

Back to regular service for my weekly reviews of online articles. This week, I lean a bit more to politics with pieces on the flaws in the US primary system of nominating candidates, modernity and political identity and Euro-area reform. On the econ side, there are pieces on why investment in cloud services is under-reported, the lower bound on EM monetary policy and some geeky pieces on rates/FX risk premium. Oh and some fun pieces that include which law schools are “under-ranked”. Enjoy. Structural Economics (5) The Scandinavian Style of Capitalism Provides a more balanced perspective of the Scandi model […]

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Best Of the Web: Never-Ending Chewing Gun, Drone Taxis and China To Launch A “Moon”…

October 18, 2018 Bilal 0

There were some really good free articles available across the internet over the past week. One site started to feature books of the decades starting with the 1900s, another gives an excellent analysis on the coming tech war between the FANGS to win our houses, then there’s an essay on how the Silicon Valley super-rich are using a loophole from Trump’s bill to lower their tax bills and even one on how to live off-grid. As usual I have a broad range of articles, so make sure you scroll to the bottom. Food and Drink Section (3) Unlimited Electric Gum: […]

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Finance and Econ From the Web: True Net Worth Of Countries, US’s Digital Trade Zone, Cities As the Future

October 16, 2018 Bilal 0

This week, I have a varied selection of articles including a bunch on cities. Additionally, there a few on how US monetary policy may not work as fast you think, some new sovereign risk measures from the ECB, the UK’s Brexit experience from Roman times, China’s rich list and much much more. Enjoy.   Tech and Intangible Economy (8) America Is Losing Its Edge for Startups It used to be that 95 percent of global startup and venture-capital activity happened in the U.S. Today, it’s just over one-half.This mainly because of China over the past few years.

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Best Of the Web: Better Sleep, An App To Sue, Most Trusted News Source..

October 11, 2018 Bilal 0

There were lots and lots of great articles this week, so I’ve featured a bit more than usual. There are some good analyses on Facebook, tech evolution and some crazy apps. I’ve got some great guides to various cities, including the world’s best bars. Then there are some fun features on Japan’s new bullet train, an amazing academic hoax and new plans for a JFK airport upgrade. Enjoy Department Of Health (8) Experts Answered Every Question We’ve Ever Had About Sleep Covers all bases. Discovered that sleeping pills sedate you rather than make you sleep. Best tip for sleeping well […]

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Finance and Econ From the Web: Climate Shock, Which Countries Will Gain From AI, Amazon Effect On US Prices…

October 9, 2018 Bilal 0

Some big reports came out this week from the IMF, IPCC (climate change), McKinsey and the US military – all have a bearing on global macro. And as usual I find a bunch of other relevant articles ranging from monetary policy to inequality.   Climate Change and the Environment Global Warming of 1.5 °C The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just released its latest report. We have 12 years to go before we hit the critical 1.5 degree increase in global warming (see chart at top of email), which could see some extreme weather effects. The report is very […]

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Best Of the Web: Disrupting the Internet, Saving Your Teenagers, Best Skill For Next 50 years..

October 4, 2018 Bilal 0

I’ve gone through piles and piles of articles and found the best from this week. I have some guides to TV and restaurants, some fascinating angles on  the web, and some good stuff on personal development and parenting tips. Enjoy! Surgery Of Self-help The Most Important Survival Skill for the Next 50 Years Isn’t What You Think Yuval Noah Harari (“Sapiens”, “Homo Deus”) explains why the best preparation is not learning code, but rather developing mental flexibility

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Best Of the Web: Top Restaurants In NY/Lon/Asia, Your Second Brain and That Street Fighter Game…

September 28, 2018 Bilal 0

I’ve scoured the web and gleaned over 50 great articles. More of a health and social scene vibe in this edition and some really funny articles. Enjoy. Ministry Of the Rich (4) Rich people are to blame for the rise of Lyme disease  The disease causes symptoms like swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and attacks on joints, muscles and even the brain. It causes by bacteria carried by ticks that thrive on forest left behind between developed lots. The edge between city and land provides the perfect shading and plant growth for these ticks. And it’s rich people who ask for […]