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Best Of the Web: Don’t Quit For Your Dreams, Sleep Problems, AI Ethics

January 31, 2019 Bilal 0

A bunch of good articles on self-improvement from valuing time more than money, how to stop smoking and joys of classical music. Then on the tech front, robots to park your car, detecting diseases from your breath and robots that can hear your thoughts. On the pessimistic side, big tech messes up on targeting children, questions open up about tracking location data for real estate developers and the ubiquity of Google. Finally, on the fun side, which hip hop star uses the widest vocabulary, who are the non-music power players in the music industry and the latest MBA ranking.  

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Finance and Econ From the Web: Japan Overcoming Ageing, IQ Affects Inflation Expectations, Real Cause Of Populism

January 29, 2019 Bilal 0

Close to 50 articles this week, each with short summaries. A good range of articles on politics that look at majority identity and populism, Trump and Ocasio-Cortez’s social media strategy and Soros’ attack on China. On the macro side, a good article on how the non-manufacturing sector needs to be elevated as a driver of the business cycle, another on how inflation expectations are formed (depends on IQ and news source) and some on wage suppression issues. There’s a nice selection of articles on climate change including on pro-and anti-protests, the language of climate change and increasing frequency of high […]

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Best Of the Web: Amazon’s 6-Wheel Delivery Robot, Most Expensive City and Drinking A Gallon Of Water A Day!

January 24, 2019 Bilal 0

Over 50 articles this week (with short summaries as usual). I lean a bit more tech with stories on Japan going cashless with blockchain, Huawei’s culture vs Lenovo’s and Apple’s data registry idea. I have a special section on new jobs like renting a sister, dating app ghostwriter and retail arbitrageurs (buy at Walmart, sell on Amazon). On self-help, how to be courageous, get rid of bad breath and free online Ivy League courses. With the Oscars almost upon, I have a section on movies, including worst movies of the year (Gotti!). Finally do you know what the longest continuous […]

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Finance and Econ From the Web: Leverage Loan Boom, Investors Lazy When Selling, True China GDP

January 23, 2019 Bilal 0

There are some really good pieces on sustainability of high public debt (not always a mess), and the rise of leverage loans. On inequality, we get more confirmation of widening inequality, how universal basic income could work and how US tax cuts mainly helped US corporates. There’s a bunch of bearish articles on China, some ideas for Europe and the revival of Japanese  millennial buying power. I’ve also included some articles on the impact of changes in global trade including the impact of Brexit on the UK and the rest of Europe. Finally, on the financial markets side, a new […]

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Best Of the Web: Apple’s TV-Set Future, Coffee Heals DNA and Podcast Lists

January 19, 2019 Bilal 0

I’ve overweighted health and self-help articles this week to keep the momentum going on New Year’s resolutions. Apparently, the third Thursday of January is when things go downhill. For inspiration then, I have articles that suggest reducing red  meat to help the planet, focusing on your VO2 capacity to measure your health and techniques to slow down. On the tech front, another massive data breach, Apples future could be TV and as much as half the internet could be populated by bots rather than humans. Then I have some excellent lists of podcasts, some fun images and an excellent essay […]

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Finance and Econ From the Web: Super-rich Don’t Stay Rich, Robots Take Jobs, Tech Cold war

January 16, 2019 Bilal 0

Some insightful articles on the super-rich, notably  they get killed in China and  they have to work in the US. I’ve found some good articles on China, particularly on various inefficiencies in innovation subsidies and coal production. I also highlight the growing tech war between the US and China. Then there are some good articles on currency factors, market volatility and common-share holdings. On the economics front, there’s a study that shows that happiness is linked to the provision of public goods, how sovereign debt levels may not be as much of a constraint as many think and how changing […]

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Best Of the Web: New Tech Toys, How To Read More, What’s the Worst Pain…

January 10, 2019 Bilal 0

The best of new consumer products have been on display at the CES conference in Las Vegas, and there are some pretty cool ones. Elsewhere, a bunch of “how to” articles :  holding chopsticks, using your smartphone camera, learning a new skill. On the science front, several great articles including alien radio signals, the intelligence of crows and pictures of an atom.  There are scary big brother developments such tech attaching to bees! And a few articles on Big Tech and much much more. Enjoy!

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Finance and Econ From the Web: Taxing the rich, Euro’s 20th birthday and US military map

January 8, 2019 Bilal 0

Here’s my first curation for 2019 and there were some surprisingly good pieces produced over the past month. We have Paul Krugman, Ken Rogoff and Larry summers wade into policy waters – they disagree on the use of fiscal stimuli, taxing the rich and negative rates. There were a swathe of articles on the euro’s 20thbirthday – all agree the construct is imperfect but they vary in their pessimism on its future. There are some great data and charts; notably Chinese growth data back to the 10th century and which countries the US media has obsessed about over the past 100 […]