Best Of the Web: How Millionaires Live, A Method To Sleep Quickly and Flex-Plane Drones

For some reason this week, there’s a been a slew of articles that give insights into the rich (like buying $800 candles). On the health front, new research shows the virtues of weightlifting, gene therapy for Parkinson’s and drawing on memory. Amazon is now scanning health records and I-Phones can be unlocked by third-parties. On family issues, research shows birth order doesn’t affect personality and summer-born kids get over-diagnosed with ADHD. There’s a bunch more articles and some really cute (and odd) animal pictures at the bottom.

Lives Of the Rich and Famous

From the Priciest Painting to the Richest Wine Bottle, Here Are the Most Expensive Objects Ever Sold at Auction Most expensive artwork $450mn for da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi, most expensive diamond $71mn for CTF Pink Star, most expensive car $48mn for 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO and more.

Time Use and Happiness of Millionaires Fascinating. Millionaires spend the same amount of time as the general population cooking, shopping, and eating – and even spend more time on household chores. However, while millionaires and non-millionaires also spend the same amount of time engaging in leisure activities, a critical difference emerged: the wealthy engage in more active leisure (e.g., exercising and volunteering) and less passive leisure (e.g., watching TV and relaxing). the extent to which wealthy individuals engage in greater active leisure helps to explain the gap in life satisfaction between millionaires and the general population. 

We are now in the era of the $800 candle. The rise of the self-care as a driving factor in the candle boom. And so is Instagram

Barcelona’s £10m per player wages set new record as Man Utd lead Premier League chartsWow, some big numbers (see picture above). The full report can be found here.

Why so many tech workers worship their CEOs More techies see themselves as future founders rather than fellow workers — a sentiment their companies cultivate


Department Of Health and Self-Help

Gene therapy eases Parkinson’s symptoms by rewiring parts of the brain A small study but looks promising

The act of drawing something has a “massive” benefit for memory compared with writing it down “getting people to draw quick pictures of words in a list (such as “truck” or “pear”) led to much better recall of those words than writing them out multiple times”

Just a Little Weightlifting Can Help Your Heart An hour of weight lifting a week could reduce risk of cardio events by 40% to 70%.

For these people with depression, all treatment approaches had failed, but then they adopted a pet … I’d agree

Researchers say this 5-minute technique could help you fall asleep more quickly Write a detailed to-do list for the next day before going to bed and you’ll fall asleep  more easily. 

The life-changing art of asking instead of telling “Paradoxically, “Hi, how are you?” does not qualify as “humble inquiry” because it is culturally scripted to elicit a mere “Fine, how are you?” Schein writes…Incidentally, “how are things going” is a surprisingly powerful and overlooked question that does wonders to instil a sense of belonging among colleagues


Family Ties

Do Youngest in Class Risk False ADHD Diagnosis? Yes, it does. Summer kids are 30% more likely to diagnosed with ADHD

5 Backyard Science Experiments for Kids These will surely be able to the kids off screens – includes building rockets, DIY quicksand and building a lava lamp

Further examining the potential association between birth order and personality: Null results from a national sample of American siblings Latest large-scale survey shows no link between birth order and personality type. Hmmm – I’m still going to tell my younger brother that he is irresponsible.

Marriage is an unexpected fringe benefit of a quality job in the United States: Food for thought this holiday shopping season Looks like lack of maternity leave, odd hours and tough finances make low-quality jobs less likely to lead to marriage between workers. But quality jobs with those benefits lead to more marriage.


Ministry Of Propaganda

It’s the End of the World and They Know It: How Dystopian Fiction Shapes Political Attitudes“we find consistent evidence that dystopian narratives enhance the willingness to justify radical—especially violent—forms of political action.” Uh oh 

The Financial Times is using game mechanics to lower subscriber churn I don’t subscribe to the site, so you may have already seen this. You get “knowledge” points after reading articles – in essence gamifying the reading experience. 

A Chinese translation app is censoring politically sensitive terms, report says Not surprised and imagine it will happen in other countries too 

Online Chat With Customer Support Has a Creepy Privacy Risk You Probably Don’t Know About They can read you as your write even before you hit “enter”


Time Out 

How Restaurants Got So Loud I know, it’s a real pain having a conversation! Apparently it is due fashionable minimalism replacing plush opulence, which is a recipe for commotion.

Bartenders Tell Us How To Get Their Attention Without Being Jerks Don’t snap fingers, wave money or yell. Instead, make eye contact, ask nicely and wait.

All 50 states and Washington DC, ranked from least to most average Missouri #3, North Carolina #2 and…


Department Of FANGS

Amazon’s newest service uses machine learning to extract medical data from patient records No need to worry as Amazon says “patient data is encrypted and can only be unlocked by customers who have a key, and that no data processed will be stored or used for training its algorithms”

Amazon cloud business reaches into space with satellite connection service And Satellite data too: “Today, we are giving satellite customers the ability to dynamically scale their ground station antenna use based on actual need. And, they will be able to ingest data straight into AWS, where they can securely store, analyze, and transmit products to their customers.”

Amazon is releasing a $400 self-driving toy car that you can program yourself – and it’s launching a racing league to test your skills This looks cool.

Amazon makes its machine learning courses available for free Previously only available to employees

DriveSavers claims it has a way to break into locked iPhones with 100 percent success But the company isn’t saying exactly how it’s able to do so


Department Of Entertainment 

2018 was one of the best years ever for documentaries — 4 of which ruled the box office and blew away critics Great list. Haven’t seen many of them

Top 20 Jazz Albums of 2018 I don’t listen to much Jazz, but I may dabble with this list

Guide To The Classics: The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran The third most-sold poet of all-time. This article is your cheat sheet on what makes The Prophet so popular and some of its criticism.

Yes, This ‘Venom’ Rom-Com Trailer Is A Real, Wonderful Thing That Sony Signed Off OnSomeone remixed the superhero/villain movie Venom into a Rom-Com trailer!

The Best Table Tennis Shot of 2018 Amazing. I’ll try it in my next match.


Ministry of Tech and Science

The ‘Flex-Plane’ Drone Flaps Its Wings Like a Pterodactyl Kinda creepy

You may not actually own your Bitcoin – legal expert What little value you have left in Bitcoin may not actually be yours as the legal rights around an intangible asset is unclear!

The Silk of These Spiders Is 5 Times Stronger Than Steel. Now, We Finally Know How That’s Possible “We were expecting to find that the fiber was a single mass,” says one of the team, Hannes Schniepp. “But what we found was that the silk was actually a kind of tiny cable (made of nano strands).”

Why aren’t there electric airplanes yet? One of the more engineering minded. It basically comes down to batteries and  excess heat generation.

US Has Some Of The Most Expensive Mobile Data Prices In The Developed World  U.S. smartphone plans are more than four times higher than in most EU countries, and up to sixteen times higher across much of Europe. Also, streaming video quality over U.S. networks is some of the worst quality in the developed world — in large part because carriers have begun erecting artificial barriers consumers then have to pay even more to overcome.

The American car is becoming obsolete US autos are now concentrating on trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, which have higher profit margins and growing demand. But non-US companies are struggling.


Ministry Of Distractions (3)

Please Enjoy This Enormous Australian Cow Wow. The cow called Knickers was too big to be put through a meat-processing facility and so will spend the rest of his days peacefully eating and lowing.


Meet the World’s Most Adorable Sheep … Coming to the U.S. So cute!


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