Best markets in Tokyo

Best markets in Tokyo Around 700 stalls line the street during the annual Setagaya Boroichi, a venerable flea market that’s been going on for more than 430 years now. Held twice a year – on December 15-16, and again on January 15-16 – the event attracts tens of thousands of visitors, making it one of the highlights on Setagaya’s yearly calendar. The main area of the market is along Boroichi-dori, a street which centres on the Setagaya Daikan Yashiki, the old, thatched-roof local magistrate’s residence. We’d recommend hopping off the train at Setagaya Station on the Setagaya Line, walking […]

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The 50 best bars in the world in 2018

The 50 best bars in the world in 2018 The best bars in the world have been announced once again — and you might want to update your bucket list. The winner of The World’s Best Bar Award was announced at the iconic Roundhouse in London Wednesday night. This year, the title went to Dandelyan, which is the bar of the Mondrian Hotel in London. The World’s 50 Best Bars is now in its 10th year and is based on the opinions of more than 500 drinks experts who cast seven votes each. 26 cities and 20 countries feature […]

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Artisanal crafts and shops in Tokyo

Artisanal crafts and shops in Tokyo A type of traditional Japanese sweet, amezaiku are beautiful little sugarwork statues, usually depicting animals. The art of sculpting them involves heating rock-hard candy, and then shaping it quickly by hand or with scissors before it cools and hardens. At Ameshin, they’re dedicated to keeping this time-honoured yet laborious tradition alive. If you’re just looking for a pretty piece of candy or to admire the master’s work, head to Ameshin’s Tokyo Skytree Solamachi shop. To get your hands all sweet and sticky, meanwhile, you should go straight to their Asakusa workshop. In just under […]

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Best sushi in Tokyo

Best sushi in Tokyo For most Japanese people, sushi is associated not so much with Tokyo but rather with Edo, the city’s original name. When Edo became Tokyo in 1868, it was not only social systems but also other aspects of culture such as food, clothing, housing, music and fine art that went through rapid Westernisation. In this context, sushi is considered a symbol of nostalgia, representing the Edo culture that has been preserved from the 19th century and continues to be loved today. If you want to get a feel for Edo style, including the ambience inside a […]

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The best Tokyo onsen and bathhouses

The best Tokyo onsen and bathhouses There are two types of bathhouses in Tokyo and throughout Japan: onsen and sento. While there are obvious similarities between the two – they’re both communal hot-water baths and visitors must adhere to certain rules of etiquette – there is one significant difference: onsen are filled with natural volcanic spring water, known for its rich and healing mineral content, while sento simply use heated tap water (although some do add minerals and infusions to the water). Although Tokyo is packed with bathhouses, finding one to suit your needs can be a bit of a […]

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