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Macro From the Web: Nature Or Nature Helps Econ Outcomes?, Piketty’s EU Critique and China’s Rare Element Weapon

May 21, 2019 Bilal 0

This week’s curated list features some good articles on the dynamics of inflation-less strong labour markets such as helping poorer people more than rich people. Then there’s an interesting article on how temperature affects economic growth – it seems like cooler climates are optimal. On the markets side, a good piece on how positive corporate bond returns are due their embedded optionality, the noise of ETF rebalancings and the lack of contagion after the ECB’s OMT operation. On the politics front, we have articles on how being anti-China is the common stance amongst populist right-wing parties around the world, Piketty […]

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Finance and Econ From Web: Hefty US payroll tax, India Re-monetised and the Botswana Model

May 13, 2019 Bilal 0

In this curated list, we have some proposals for carbon taxes and climate tariffs, we learn the scale of medical costs over lifetimes and get a primer on socialism. On the policy front, how Fed monetary policy works (or not), how EM should use FX policy and China’s credit arsenal. On the less obvious side, how invesment is double-counted in GDP, the weakness of live investment track records and a leading US economist you haven’t heard of.

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Finance/Econ From the web: The Politics Of US CEOs, Fed’s Recession Prediction and the Future Of Mortgages

May 7, 2019 Bilal 0

In my latest curated list of macro articles, we find of how monetary policy fuels inequality, weak housing markets stop new firm formation and some better inflation forecasting models. On markets, some clever ways of looking at equity volatility to forecast equity returns, how Asian credit markets have further to grow and estimates of much US real rates have been weighed down by central bank buying. On the lighter side, we have some charts on tech unicorns, some stats on US labour markets you didn’t know and how to use satellites to map retail sales. Enjoy!

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Finance and Econ From the Web: growth decoupling from energy use, hedge fund fees and latest military spending

April 30, 2019 Bilal 0

This week’s curated list brings you some macro articles on how less competitive housing markets are leading to less housing supply, the Fed is struggling to control interest rates and Trump tax cuts did help US growth. On markets, we have good pieces on the new fee structure of hedge funds, what could challenge the dollar’s dominance and how to trade liquidity risk. On politics: how demographics are undermining party policies, does democracy help growth and China’s impact on Africa.