Best Of the Web: $1000 burger, what makes CEOs exceptional and our need for carbs

My curated list is longer than usual as I missed a few weeks, but it’s worth the wait. On health, how carbs are helpful, fixing hip pains and our brains are shrinking. On personal life matters, some tips on how to have enduring relationships, allowing your kids to take risks and how to be a force for good in social networks. On society, how to live “zero waste”, the challenge for self-driving cars and the infiltration of surveillance tech in our lives. On the lighter side, Punjabi-Mexican cuisine, Avenger clips to see before Endgame, and Freddy Mercury as you’ve never seen him before.

Nutrition Nuggets

Yes, You Need Carbs. Here’s When to Eat Them.  “ One recent review published in the Journal of Physiology notes that a complete lack of scientific evidence relating a ketogenic (low carb) diet to performance gains in elite athletes …Experts (and the research) agree that carbohydrates are still king when it comes to fueling performance.”

Replace Red Meat With Plant Protein for Heart HealthStudy finds it will reduce heart disease. Plant proteins come from things like nuts and beans.

Should You Be Eating Eggs?  Evidence is inconclusive on its impact on cholesterol. 

Lack of Water Consumption Tied to Kids’ Obesity As they end up drinking sugar-sweetened drinks instead to quench their thirst 

Why Science Can’t Seem to Tell Us How to Eat Right  Argues many studies assume people correctly report what they ate which is unlikely). Randomised control studies are more powerful. But through all of this – the consistent message is “eat vegetables; don’t eat too much salt, sugar, and saturated fat; watch your body weight; and don’t eat too much junk food.

Department of Health

Why You Have Hip Pain—and How to Treat ItHips don’t lie. So if yours hurt, you should listen.

Healing Your Feet, and Finding a Balance in Following Doctor’s Orders  With plantar fasciitis and other ailments, a key is a realistic therapy routine you can fit into your day.

Inactive Lifestyle Begins as Early as Age 7   While many teens quit playing sports, overall activity starts to decline during early school years among kids who were once active

Talking to a therapist through Alexa could make mental health care more accessible   A growing group of apps, including Talkspace and The Difference, are looking to solve the problem by using technology to improve access.[watch out therapists, you’re about to get automated !]

The Right Way to Use a Public Bathroom (to Avoid Getting Sick)The odds of becoming ill from using a public bathroom are slim. But there are a few things you can do to minimize your risk even more (such as use end stalls, which are used less, wash your hands, use towels not the drier)

Our incredible shrinking brains   The human brain has shrunk around 10 per cent in mass since peaking in size 15-30,000 years ago.

Surgery of Self-Improvement

The 3 Levels of Wealth  Level 1 – not stressed out about debt. Level 2 – don’t care what stuff costs in restaurants. Level 3  – don’t care what a vacation costs

How to reduce digital distractions: advice from medieval monks   Part of monastic education involved learning how to form cartoonish cognitive figures, to help sharpen one’s mnemonic [hence memory] and meditative skills. 

In Reality: A New Worldview Just for You Love this. Thorough and comprehensive dissection of how we look at the world. 

10 Tips to Transform an Elusive Goal into a Doable Project  Includes “Give yourself permission to start before you feel ready” and “Shift your perspective: “Have to” vs. “Get to”

“Would You Rather Be a Dog or a Ghost?” Is the Perfect Party Question  Will give it a go

The Best Cocktail Party Icebreakers Are Vintage MagazinesThey conjure just enough excitement to get people talking at the start of an evening, something I’ve rarely seen coffee-table books do.

Relationships Reboot

How to Know If You’ve Met the One  Includes “Shared Values Set You Up for a Shared Life” and “pay close attention to how your potential partner treats you —look at their behavior over time, not just the thumpity-thump of your heart. “

How to Test Your Relationship Without Moving In TogetherTips include in interact with each others friends and parents

You Don’t Need the Same Personality as Your Partner to Be Happy  Study looking at successful long-term relationships finds little evidence that matching (or not) personalities makes a difference.

It’s Never Too Early to Teach Kids Risk Management  Extreme athlete Will Gadd on why kids should develop competence over confidence

Fighting for #TeamHuman   The more people spend time with one another, the less stuff they buy.  A deep connection to other humans makes you an enemy of the marketplace.

We’re all influenced by people in our networks – how to make this a force for good   social influence – on social media or otherwise – can be a force for a good as well as ill, but it takes work. 

Office Life

Promotions and the Peter Principle   The Peter Principle states that organisations promote people who are good at their jobs until they reach their ‘level of incompetence’. Academics crunch the numbers for salepeople who get promoted to management and finds its true! 

The Mystery of Business Casual   No one knows what shoes to wear to work. Silicon Valley has an answer.

The Simple Change You Can Make Today That Will Transform How Your Boss Sees You  Whenever you’re presenting someone with a question, a problem, or a sticky situation, have a suggested solution, too.

The 9 mistakes you don’t know you’re making as a new manager Mistakes including “thinking building trust is about team-building” and “thinking your team members generally know what’s going on.”

Why Your Job Search Should Start With Companies, Not Roles—and What That Looks Like   The biggest benefit of a company-first job search is that it’s more likely to land you a gig that you’ll want to stay in for a very long time.

How to Identify Talent: Five Lessons from the NFL Draft  Includes “ Break the Candidate Into Parts …”

A Post About China’s “996” Workweek Went Viral On GitHub. Now Microsoft Employees Want To Protect It From Censorship.   “996” workweek: 9am to 9pm, six days a week.

What makes a CEO ‘exceptional’?  McKinsey report finds amongst other factors – being an outside hire, conduct strategic reviews in their first two years, and less management reshuffles in first two years (could be to do with sequencing of review then action)

Climate Rebel Alliance

Calculate exactly how much plastic trash you generate in a year This calculator lets you figure out–and visualize–the giant pile of plastic your habits end up creating.[Haven’t put my data in, but I imagine it will look ugly]

Disturbing Animation Shows What Earth Would Look Like if All The Ice Melted   Calcutta and Shanghai disappear … You can pretty much kiss Florida goodbye.

The Ultimate “Zero Waste” Guide for Beginners  Includes using reusable shopping bags, composting and buying second-hand (or as hipsters called it “vintage”) clothes. 

365 Books to Start Your Climate Change LibraryIncludes Losing Earth by Nathaniel Rich, The Sixth Extinction by Liz Kolbert and Rising by Liz Rush.

What Are Carbon Offsets And Should You Be Buying Them Before You Fly? Gives the low-down on why should buy carbon offsets and makes some recommendations. 

Transport Department

Vehicle Miles Traveled: Another Look at Our Evolving Behavior   In the US, adjusted for population changes, looks like peak vehicle miles travelled was in 2005. 

The Truth About the Scooter Economy — An Insider’s Perspective    While the ride-hailing market sees autonomous vehicles as nirvana due to no driver costs, the e-scooter market already has this built in.

The three challenges keeping cars from being fully autonomous  Includes “In the US, the current car fatality rate is about one death per 1 million hours of driving…But currently the best driving assistance systems incorrectly perceive something in their environment once every tens of thousands of hours”

Here’s The Bizarre Reason Self-Driving Cars Might Not Cut Down Traffic After All   autonomous vehicles will be so convenient and so efficient that we might all start spending more time in our cars.

Ministry of Big Brother

Japanese Taxis Are Using Facial Recognition to Target Ads to Riders   Cameras in the back seat guess your age and gender — and then use them to serve you with advertisements.

This new app manages your privacy for you, from Facebook to Alexa   Jumbo is like a concierge for privacy, cleaning out your old data and maintaining your privacy settings across your accounts and apps.

A Regulatory Framework for the InternetUseful perspective from Stratechery

Counterfactuals about social media  Then let’s also imagine that Facebook is shut down altogether, toss in Twitter and the others as well. One possibility is that America would move toward a Chinese-style solution, with heavy censorship of the internet.

A teen is suing Apple for $1 billion and claims its facial recognition led to his false arrestFrom the formal complaint: “Mr. Bah’s life has been deeply and negatively  affected. He advanced through his freshman year of college experiencing constant anxiety and fear  that at any moment he would be arrested again for a crime he did not commit. “

Google Street View image of a house predicts car accident risk of its resident  Also raises legal and social concerns, as they can be a proxy of ethnicity, religion and other sensitive data.

How to hide from the AI surveillance state with a color printout  Clever Belgians discovered this hack. 

Shopping Mall

Uncontained: The complex link between retail and packaging   The reality is that the product inside the package may have a more harmful environmental footprint than the container itself

Three editions of the Mueller Report are Amazon bestsellers. How do they stack up?  News organizations, book publishers, and even self-publishers with quick trigger fingers are all competing to squeeze the most value out of a PDF anyone can download for free. [I tried to download the free pdf and transfer to my kindle but I struggled, so I can see the value here]

These 5 Books Just Won Pulitzer Prizes  Includes The Overstory by Richard Power and Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America by Eliza Griswold

Hear J.R.R. Tolkien Read from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in Vintage Recordings from the Early 1950sBit odds in parts!

The Game Boy’s 30th anniversary: a celebration in photos   

Art Department

The hideous spread of ‘spreadsheet architecture’  It’s time to rise up against the uglification of our cities

Woman Shoots ‘Anti-Selfies’ by ‘Dying’ at Famous LandmarksFunny

The most important tech boom designers are ignoring   There will be 8 billion voice assistants by 2023. 

5 Macro Photo Ideas to Shoot at HomeSome cool photography ideas for extreme close-up shots. 

Global Traveller

This airplane seat makes flying with a baby less miserable   Imagine putting your newborn to bed, in an actual crib, at 30,000 feet.

Photos of a Desolate and Deserted London from 1977Spooky

Mapping the Global Migration of MillionairesChina, Russia, India, UK seeing outflows, Australia, US, Canada seeing inflows.

MoMA Design Store’s Travel Essentials Gift GuideSome cool suggestions. 

Word of Mouth: Barcelona  Recommendations include Satan’s Coffee, the Fundació Joan Miró museum and Bar Mut

Foodie Fun

The Worst Things New York Diners Do in Restaurants  Have you ever told a host at a restaurant that the rest of your party was “right around the corner” or “one stop away” or “just parking the car”? [Not me!]

California’s Lost (and Found) Punjabi-Mexican Cuisine Eh?! Gotta try it!

Welcome to the United States of Mexican Food   The canonical dishes of regional Mexican-American food, from ACP to hot tamales, plotted from California to Georgia

GQ’s Best New Restaurants in America, 2019  In NY:  Henry at Life Hotel and Shabushabu MACORON. In San Fran: Angler. In LA: Ma’am Sir and Nightshade.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo serves up Tokyo’s most expensive burger at ¥100,000  The  decadent burger was created to commemorate the inauguration of the new emperor and the beginning of the Reiwa era, set to start on May 1. It’s actually a meal for six. 

Big Screen, Little Screen

The Legend of Keanu Reeves GQ sits down with the immortal Keanu Reeves in an attempt to separate the man from the myth.

Tom Hardy’s best films to watch and stream tonight  The appeal of Tom Hardy, the off-centre gravitas that makes him such adhesive viewing, is grounded in one thing: mystery…

Our 15 Favorite Moments From the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films (Before Avengers: Endgame)I’m watching Endgame on Saturday so this is my warm-up

Avengers Endgame Characters Rendered in Ukiyo-e Style by Illustrator TakumiNice (see picture at top)

Distraction Corner

Kidnapping: A Very Efficient Business    kidnappers perform research, assess risks, manage costs, and, if they’re in it for the long term, build reputations for orderly resolution. 

Trumps says “Good Morning, Have A Great Day!”– read the replies!

Up close and personal with the women of the Yakuza photographer Chloé Jafé infiltrated the infamous Japanese crime syndicate, capturing the often overlooked lives of Yakuza wives.

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Fishing  In case you have the urge

Patagonia Will Not Comment on the Finance Bro Vest  Socially conscious Patagonia only wants to begin new co-branded vest business with firms that share its commitment to One Percent for the Planet or certified B Corporations that play by the same rules it does.

Freddie Mercury Reimagined as Comic Book Heroes Awesome covers!

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