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Finance and Econ From the Web: growth decoupling from energy use, hedge fund fees and latest military spending

April 30, 2019 Bilal 0

This week’s curated list brings you some macro articles on how less competitive housing markets are leading to less housing supply, the Fed is struggling to control interest rates and Trump tax cuts did help US growth. On markets, we have good pieces on the new fee structure of hedge funds, what could challenge the dollar’s dominance and how to trade liquidity risk. On politics: how demographics are undermining party policies, does democracy help growth and China’s impact on Africa.

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Best Of the Web: $1000 burger, what makes CEOs exceptional and our need for carbs

April 25, 2019 Bilal 0

My curated list is longer than usual as I missed a few weeks, but it’s worth the wait. On health, how carbs are helpful, fixing hip pains and our brains are shrinking. On personal life matters, some tips on how to have enduring relationships, allowing your kids to take risks and how to be a force for good in social networks. On society, how to live “zero waste”, the challenge for self-driving cars and the infiltration of surveillance tech in our lives. On the lighter side, Punjabi-Mexican cuisine, Avenger clips to see before Endgame, and Freddy Mercury as you’ve never […]

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Finance and Econ From the Web: Tech Unicorn Bubble, Inflation Take-Off and Green Deal Innovation Policy

April 23, 2019 Bilal 0

This week, I have a bunch of good investor articles on why stock markets don’t follow economic growth, how tech unicorns are bubbles and the behavioural and modelling challenges of investing, . On the macro side, why it’s the service sector cycle, not manufacturing, that really matters, using weather data to measure consumption and will inflation accelerate. Some gems of articles as well; like one on who actually owns China’s Huawei and what does an electric car replace. Finally, a fun article on what the Democrat presidential candidates’ websites tell us about them. How China’s ban on plastic waste imports became […]

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Finance and Econ from the Web: Billionaires Want Capitalism Reformed, True Chinese Growth + more

April 16, 2019 Bilal 0

There’s a swathe of articles on how to fix capitalism from taxing global companies to improving US-China relations. On markets, some good papers on how equities could give better growth signals than the yield curve, the challenges in A-rated credits and tips from top investors. On macro, a paper on how patent law is making industries less competitive, estimating true Chinese growth and how the Tories are losing touch with economic policy. Family Offices Love Alts

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Finance and Econ From the Web: Taxing Ultrawealthy Fails, Rent Hurts Growth, Hedging Climate Change

April 9, 2019 Bilal 0

On policy, we find US labour taxes are amongst the highest in the world if you include medical costs, US roads are falling apart, but the robots are rising and IMF needs to be reformed. On growth, avoiding the Japan trap, why trade tariffs are bad and the issue with minimum wages. On markets, credit ratings and structure finance, and how the end of fossil fuels will hurt markets. Finally check out the new 50 cent coin in Australia at the bottom.

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Best Of the Web: Matrix Anniversary, Best Airline, Most Hyped Tech

April 6, 2019 Bilal 0

Some good office-related articles from email tips to whether feedback works. On social interactions, how to compliment women, greet in Japan and how relationships have changed since the 1970s. I have some great city guides for New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore. On the tech side, how Teslas can be hacked, how much internet traffic Youtube consumes and soft robots. Plus some great fun pieces at the bottom. Enjoy. The Moment The Matrix Changed Everything Writer remincesnce on the impact the movie had on him. 

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Finance and Econ From the Web: End Of American Century, Accounting For Digital Economy and Deciphering Fed Dots

April 2, 2019 Bilal 0

Some good articles on politics from Brexit guides to US religiosity to Left populism. On the macro side, I have articles on secular stagnation, nominal GDP targeting and of course Modern Monetary Theory. I have a slew of articles on investing and trading models including on momentum models, FX models and estimates of risk premia. Finally, a shocking stat on the current effective US corporate tax rate (scroll down!).