Best Of the Web: How Youngsters Photoshop Their Faces, Rise Of AI Lawyers and Top Soccer Players

Today’s edition leans more towards the arts than tech. Some good articles on fashion trends, including 2019 being the year to grow your hair out (for men). On the health-front, self-propelling pills could replace injections, the benefits to your brain of running and can you eat snow?! I have a bunch of lists: movies to watch on Netflix and Amazon, the best True Crime podcasts and new restaurants. There’s a great article on how hedge fund capital, Greenwich Connecticut is becoming more diverse. Also, an excellent interview of the Wu-Tang Clan, a scary deepfake of Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Lawrence and much much more…


A Fashion Photographer Asked Teens and to Photoshop Their Own Portraits. Here’s What They Did Photo-editing apps make social media photos unnaturally perfect. The pics almost look alien-like (see pic at top of email).

Gucci Is Back on Top as the World’s Hottest Fashion Brand #2 is Off-White (who?!), #7 is Stone Island (again, who?). Clearly, I’m not a fashionista

The big grooming trends you need to know about in 2019 Supposedly a blow-by-blow guide to the chicest haircuts, the cleverest treatments and the hottest products in the world right now.

Ten trends for the fashion industry to watch in 2019 McKinsey report suggests “India is increasingly a focal point for the fashion industry,”,” the shift to new ownership models is driven by growing consumer desire for variety, sustainability, and affordability, and sources suggest that the resale market, for instance, could be bigger than fast fashion within ten years” and “Amazon has created an expectation that delivery should be next day, or even same day.”

‘Wild’ Skin Care Is an Emerging Trend Seeking to Clarify the Natural Beauty Category Several brands are aiming to correct the murkiness that continues to plague the market.

America Needs to Rethink Its Role in Fashion The most interesting businesses and brands coming out of the US have little to do with the traditional system.

The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week GQ picks. I like some, but not others (see pic)

Department Of Health

How social media is affecting your mental health Short video. According to a Stanford-NYU study, quitting Facebook increased social interaction with family and peers.

Is it Safe to Eat Snow? “colored snow is always a firm nope

10 Ways That Running Changes Your Mind and Brain Includes “running changes your brain wiring”

Self-Propelling Pills Could Mean The End of Needle Vaccines These pills work like tiny speedboats.

Rock-A-Bye Adult – Study Shows Grown-ups Enjoy Better Sleep And Memory Consolidation In A Rocking Bed We know it helps babies, but new study finds it helps adults too

Ministry of Tech and Science

I Cut Apple Out of My Life. It Was Devastating  “When you don’t use Apple devices, Apple doesn’t track you. But it does make it very obvious to everyone that you no longer have an Apple device. “Are you using an Android?” asks my friend Katie in the middle of a conversation by text. “

Jennifer Buscemi is the deepfake that should seriously frighten you “I’ve gone down a black hole of the latest DeepFakes and this mashup of Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Lawrence is a sight to behold “ Freaky

China is leaving the US in the dust on electric-vehicle chargers “China has zoomed ahead of other nations in the electric-vehicle market, selling more last year than all other countries combined. The nation is also racing ahead in building the infrastructure needed to support those vehicles, as the government seizes on the technology as its chance to leapfrog the global auto market.”

If your flight is delayed, these AI lawyers and bots can help you get compensated “AirHelp has a group of virtual lawyers and AI bots helping out in the fight for flight compensation, including its first AI lawyer, Herman, who reviews travel claims that enter the legal stage, and Lara, who can process more complex cases.”

Internet-connected poster turns weather into wall art “The studio recently launched a Kickstarter for the “weather poster,” a wall-mounted poster that displays the current day’s weather, no swiping and tapping required. The poster has a tiny computer that connects to a home’s Wi-Fi network and pulls in information about the current weather.” Love it

Facebook now lets everyone unsend messages for 10 minutes Didn’t know this. 

Food and Drink Section

GQ Food & Drink Awards 2019 shortlist A list for the UK.  Their best restaurants in London are Brat and Hide. I haven’t been to either L

The Best Places To Eat When You’re Hungover, According To The Masses Thought I’d include this for those that drink (I don’t). It’s for the US. Based on surveys, looks like “Waffle House” comes out on top

Michelin Announces 2019 Stars for Switzerland There are two new two-star restaurants this year

Department Of Entertainment

The Wu-Tang Clan Looks Back on 25 Years In the ganglands of Oxford, I grew up listening to Wu Tang Clan, the rap collective. In fact they are performing in London later this year, so hopefully I’ll get to see them (I imagine there will be many bankers there!). Their 1993 debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang” was revolutionary in its sound and scope. This article interviews some of the  key members of the group, RZA, Ghostface, Cappadonna, U-God. Great read.

The Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked In case you’re bored and want to be scared

The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now, Ranked Not to be biased to Netflix..

Vince Mancini’s Ranking Of The Best Movies He Saw At Sundance For those with more “sophisticated tastes”, here’s what the hipsters will be watching.

8 True Crime Podcasts To Listen To in 2019 – The Best New and Returning Podcasts in the World of Crime I’m a podcast junkie, so this list is cool. 

Welcome to the Cinema of Smells, where movies are a different kind of cheesy New invention allows you to smell distinct scents!

Ministry Of Distractions

How a Man Killed a Mountain Lion with His Bare Hands Gulp

Is the ‘Hedge Fund Capital of the World’ Becoming … Diverse? “despite the homogenous feel, there are signs of change in Greenwich [Connecticut]. Here at the Boxcar Cantina, they aren’t serving up generic American fare, but Northern New Mexican cuisine — a blend of Native American and Spanish influences often doused in red or green chile, with a healthy dose of herbs and vegetables grown in the restaurant’s raised garden beds. “

ESPN Top Soccer Players and Managers Rated by experts: Harry Kane is the #1 striker! Messi is #1 forward

Your Foolproof Guide to Hugging at Work (Because it Can Get Awkward) Useful guide with good tips including “don’t hug your direct report, your boss, the CEO and a cactus”

What’s New Is Old Again: A Classic Norwegian Chair Produced with 100% Recycled Materials “ composed of 100% recycled plastic sourced from local fish farming companies’ old fish nets, ropes, and pipes and a subframe made from recycled steel.”

Beautiful new photo shows the Moon with Earth in the background  Stunning


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