Best Of the Web: Don’t Quit For Your Dreams, Sleep Problems, AI Ethics

A bunch of good articles on self-improvement from valuing time more than money, how to stop smoking and joys of classical music. Then on the tech front, robots to park your car, detecting diseases from your breath and robots that can hear your thoughts. On the pessimistic side, big tech messes up on targeting children, questions open up about tracking location data for real estate developers and the ubiquity of Google. Finally, on the fun side, which hip hop star uses the widest vocabulary, who are the non-music power players in the music industry and the latest MBA ranking.  

Department Of Self-Development

The creed of compromise Don’t throw in the day job to follow your dream. Join the bifurcators who juggle work-for-pay and their work-for-love

The Scientific Reason Yoda Is Wiser Than Spock It’s to do with emotions being needed to affect reasoning.

Time for Happiness Harvard Business Review summarising the latest thinking. Bottom line is to value time over money.

Young people are turning to classical music to escape ‘noise of modern life’ Backers of new radio station say research shows a growing audience for the classics among under-35s

What happens to cognitive diversity when everyone is more WEIRD? On all continents, even in the world’s remotest regions, indigenous people are swapping their distinctive ways of parsing the world for Western, globalised ones. As a result, human cognitive diversity is dwindling – and, sadly, those of us who study the mind had only just begun to appreciate it.

Global MBA Ranking 2019 FT rankings: #3 Insead, #2 Harvard Business School….#1 Stanford Grad School Of Business.

Department Of Health

Lack of sleep is tied to increases in two Alzheimer’s proteins A new study finds excessive amounts of a protein called tau in the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord of extremely sleep-deprived adults. Tau, which is tied to nerve cell death, tangles and spreads throughout the brain during Alzheimer’s. An earlier report on these sleepy adults found that the protein amyloid-beta — globs of which dot the brains of Alzheimer’s patients — also increased.

Does This Patient Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea? A common disease, responsible for daytime sleepiness. Study finds the most common sign of this disorder is  nocturnal choking or gasping [I do  this, I am told! I need to see a doctor]

Zap: How Electric Therapy Is Curing Navy SEALs of PTSD … And Could Remake Brain Science Hundreds of vets have tried out an experimental new treatment that could change how the world addresses mental disorders.

Why women are outperforming men at the extremes of endurance Spine Race-winner Jasmin Paris isn’t alone: mounting evidence suggests the tougher the event, the likelier a woman is to win

Vaping Beats Patch, Gum in Helping Smokers Quit The finding follows a small year-long study that tracked about 120 British smokers enrolled in a National Health Service smoking cessation program

Antibiotic-Resistant Genes Were Just Found in One of The Most Remote Places on Earth Antibiotic resistance, one of the biggest health threats of our time, has been spreading its wings across the face of our planet. And now, researchers have detected signs of it in one of the most remote inhabited areas on Earth…Scientists think this particular gene was possibly carried by faeces of migratory birds, other wildlife, and even human beings.

Futures Commission

Listen to a gadget that translates thoughts into speech “the researchers asked five epilepsy patients undergoing brain surgery to listen to someone speaking sentences while the researchers looked for neural patterns in the patients’ brain activity. “

Innovative AI Breath Analyzer Diagnoses Diseases by “Smell” The concept is relatively simple—identify breathprints of diseases, and compare it to human exhalation. What makes it complicated is the execution of the concept

Talk To Books Browse passages from books using experimental AI

It’s the future! ROBOTS will park your car at the airport Valet-parking droids will go on trial at Gatwick in August, called STAN

Ministry of Tech

The Tech Revolt A sometimes pointed, sometimes resigned conversation with engineers, designers, research scientists, and job candidates who are pushing for a more ethical Silicon Valley

The unnatural ethics of AI could be its undoing The people who are designing AIs are, for the most part, attempting to automate existing power relations. In doing this, they are making them visible. 

Why the world’s first smart highway will most likely be in China With its relatively newer institutions and organizations, China can easily adapt existing infrastructure around current and potentially future technologies.

This metal is powering today’s technology—at what price? As demand soars for powerful batteries, Bolivia dreams of striking it rich by tapping its huge lithium deposit. But will its people benefit? And read this: In the new lithium ‘Great Game’ Germany edges out China in Bolivia Germany signed a deal last month to help Bolivia exploit its huge lithium reserves.

Department Of FANGS

FaceTime Is Eroding Trust in Tech A bug allows users to listen in on, or even watch, the person they are calling before that party has answered the Facetime call. 

Location tracking is here to help real estate developers get even richer “Sidewalk Labs [owned by Alphabet] mentions that the software will cater to land developers on its website: “Replica offers public agencies, land developers, and the community at large a complete sense of city movement patterns. The result is a higher confidence in critical transportation and land use “decisions.”

Facebook knowingly duped game-playing kids and their parents out of money Sometimes the children did not even know they were spending money, according to another internal Facebook report. Facebook employees knew this. Their own reports showed underage users did not realize their parents’ credit cards were connected to their Facebook accounts and they were spending real money in the games, according to the unsealed documents.(Gulp!)

Google Is Increasingly At Risk Of Losing The Smart Home To Amazon. Walmart has abandoned Google Express dealing what is likely to be a fatal blow to Google’s attempt to challenge Amazon in the one place where its’ performance is inferior in the smart home.

I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything Seems like everything is connected to Google from Uber to Spotify to Dropbox. Eye-opening article

Business Section

The Concept of the Corporation John Kay argues that for the past fifty years or so, the economic theory of the firm has been based on the paradigmatic model of corporate activity which perceives the firm as a nexus of contracts, its boundaries defined by the relative transaction costs of market-based and hierarchical organisation…. And argues that this reductionist account fails at a political level, giving no coherent account of the legitimacy of such corporate activity – that is, no answer to the question ‘what gives them the right to do that?’ – and additionally that the model bears little relation to the reality of successful corporations.

This Is How Much Money Marie Kondo Has Made From Her Tidying Empire Her runaway success can be attributed to the simplicity of her method: Keep items that spark joy, and part with those that do not…Marie Kondo is now worth $8 million

Ride-hailing giant Grab says users can soon stream videos on its app Users can choose from over 10,000 hours of content from an extensive library of Hollywood films, popular local dramas and free-to-air channels

Ministry Of Distractions

How long could my murderer pretend to be me online? He did this in a very simple way: Steal the victim in question’s phone, and then impersonate them in texts to their friends and posts to social media (usually aspirational missives, vague images, and detached captions, thus obscuring the fact that they were, in any sense, “gone.”) It worked on literally everyone.

When This Woman Came Back From Vacation, Something Was Living in Her Forehead At first, the emergency room doctors thought it was a simple, swollen insect bite…three days later, the 55-year-old woman was back with an even bigger lump…There, embedded in the thin skin of her forehead, was a globetrotter of a different sort, a rare species from the rainforests of Africa: a Lund fly larva

Department Of Entertainment

For the NFL and all of football, a new threat: an evaporating insurance market From the NFL to rec leagues, football is facing a stark, new threat: an evaporating insurance market that is fundamentally altering the economics of the sport, squeezing and even killing off programs faced with higher costs and a scarcity of available coverage, an Outside the Lines investigation has found.

The Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop This is cool

The Five Most Powerful People in the Music Industry Don’t Work in the Music Industry Includes Len Blavatnik, founder of Access Industries that now owns Warner Music Group, Vincent Bolloré of Vivendi that owns Universal Music Group and Ma Huateng of TenCent that is one of the most significant shareholders of Spotify.


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