Best Of the Web: Apple’s TV-Set Future, Coffee Heals DNA and Podcast Lists

I’ve overweighted health and self-help articles this week to keep the momentum going on New Year’s resolutions. Apparently, the third Thursday of January is when things go downhill. For inspiration then, I have articles that suggest reducing red  meat to help the planet, focusing on your VO2 capacity to measure your health and techniques to slow down. On the tech front, another massive data breach, Apples future could be TV and as much as half the internet could be populated by bots rather than humans. Then I have some excellent lists of podcasts, some fun images and an excellent essay on a Paris art heist. Enjoy!

Department Of Health

The Rise and Fall of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions, in 5 Charts Big spike in activity in early Jan and by third Thursday (according to running App Strava) it fades.

Some Thoughts on My Psychiatry Practice Great read “During residency I worked at a hospital Medicaid clinic and saw mostly poor… the types of things they talked about were family problems,…health problems, and trauma…. The patients I see now are mostly highly successful, highly educated, wealthy people, most of whom care a lot about their careers. Their ego-identity crises center around their work and their position in life relative to others. There is a lot of concern about ‘the path’. ‘Did I go down the right path?’ ‘Did I make a wrong turn?’”

The diet to save lives, the planet and feed us all? Reduce red meat, have some fish/chicken and more nuts and legumes (beans, chickpeas and lentils)

Largest US twin study probes whether nature or nurture makes us sick  Big twins study finds that genes influenced at least 40 percent of the 560 diseases,  with cognitive disorders being the most influenced by genetics. 

VO₂max: the gold standard for measuring fitness explained “This measure tells you your maximum (max) rate (V) of oxygen (O₂) uptake and use during exercise. The greater this is, the better your health. In fact, VO₂max is the best predictor of your risk, at a given point in time, of getting chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes or certain cancers, and the best predictor of your chances of living a long and healthy life…the only feasible and legal way is regular exercise, with high-intensity interval training being more effective than continuous moderate intensity training. “

Consumption of a dark roast coffee blend reduces DNA damage in humans: results from a 4-week randomised controlled studyThe study was small but good news for coffee drinkers.

Surgery Of Self-Development

Tim Ferris’ The 25 Most-Clicked Links from 2018 Efficiency guru Ferris writes a weekly newsletter which contain external links (a bit like this email!). The most popular links included an essay called “On Needing to Find Something to Worry About.”, Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think. And How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You

Marie Kondo v. Tsundoku: Competing Japanese Philosophies on Whether to Keep or Discard Unread Books There is a case to be made that unread books should be kept!

10 Questions to Help You Run an Effective Meeting (Because No One Wants to Waste Their Time) I avoid meetings like the plague, but in case you get dragged into one, force the chair to read this. 

6 Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life in 2019 Fly less, eat less beef and avoid plastics

Why we need to slow time and scale down Shift focus from quantity to quality, go analog and unscale your life

Crowdfunding research flips science’s traditional reward model Students and junior investigators are more likely than senior scientists to secure crowdfunding for their research.

Culture Club

Patterns of Implicit and Explicit Attitudes: I. Long-Term Change and Stability From 2007 to 2016 Within a decade, implicit and explicit attitude tests show people becoming more neutral towards sexual orientation, race, and skin-tone, but a move AWAY from neutral on body-weight. So the new bias is towards overweight people.

British subtext: Half of Americans wouldn’t be able to tell that a Briton is calling them an idiot Lovely…

Ministry of Tech

An Astonishing 773 Million Records Exposed in Monster Breach and  over 21 million unique passwords, all recently posted to a hacking forum. Multiple sites were targeted to get the details.

Huawei’s Secretive Founder Addresses Media For Only Third Time In Company History “He  flattered Donald Trump, calling him a “great president” and praising his tax cuts.”

So what can Apple do next? “I think both, the big (TV) and biggest (movie theater) screens are going to go the way of the DVD. We could replace those with a singular, more personal screen — that will sit on our face…. for Apple to have an impact, it needs to go beyond the sticks, pucks and old fashioned television screens. In other words, reinvent what it means to be a television screen in the streaming era. Just as phones and watches were big enough markets for Apple to disrupt, Apple has an opportunity to disrupt another one of those biggest markets — television. “

The future of the internet looks brighter thanks to an EU court opinion “Imagine an internet where you couldn’t access any content unless it complied with every law of all the countries in the world…The scenario may be an unavoidable outcome if countries are successful in seeking to impose their laws globally… they can try to force the internet platforms that host the content to remove or block it…But a  legal opinion released last week in a case currently before the courts in the European Union argues content should generally only be blocked in countries where it breaches the law, not globally.

How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.  “Studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human; some years, according to some researchers, a healthy majority of it is bot. For a period of time in 2013, the Times reported , a full half of YouTube traffic was “bots masquerading as people”!”

Trying to sell your data Someone did and he got….0.3 cents! But Tyler rightly argues the value is in the aggregate

Ministry Of Distractions

The French Burglar Who Pulled Off His Generation’s Biggest Art Heist Amazing story. The chap learned to jump across buildings in a graveyard and was an art lover.

Why Can’t Men Describe Women’s Hairstyles? “One day you just look at your beloved husband of many years and realise, “This man has never once described a woman’s hairstyle to my satisfaction.”” I can relate!

Costco is selling a $90 tub of mac-and-cheese that weighs 27 pounds and lasts 20 years Gulp. Apparently popular with survivalists and doomers

The Best Street Style From Paris Fashion Week 48 pictures of the trendy at Paris Fashion week.

Podcast Studio

Top 10 career podcasts to listen to this year

5 Podcasts To Listen To At Work & Make The Day Fly By

10 podcasts you should be listening to

7 Podcasts To Listen To In Bed, Because These Will Help You Wind Down After A Hectic Day In No Time

12 Best Wellness Podcasts for Men

The Most Interesting Conspiracy-Related Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Film School

Films of 2018 Scott Sumner’s list includes “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs”, “Burning” (Korea) and “Shoplifters” (Japan). Great varied selection.

The 31 best movies you can watch on Amazon’s new free streaming channel, IMDb Freedive The movie database IMDb is now offering streaming movies. Movies include Woody Allen’s (over-rated, but critically acclaimed) Blue Jasmine, Johnny Depp gangster movie (when he could act) Donnie Brasco  and dystopian Gattaca

This Guy Makes Creative Reversed Videos by Talking Backwards Nutty

Your Winter 2019 Anime Guide Films like “Boogiepop and Others” which is about an angel of death named “Boogiepop” might be behind recent disappearances of young women.

Art School

Experiments in Antique USSR Film Photographer tries to use Soviet era camera film rolls, and finds they still work. (Kids ask your parents what camera film is)

Some Hilarious Illustrations from America’s First Bestselling Diet Book
From the 1920s and very Funny

A picture of an egg is now the most liked photo on Instagram. Here are the 20 most-liked Instagram posts of all time Kylie Jenner features a lot in the top 20 list. 

The beautiful and peaceful Joffrey Persia’s photographs


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