Best Of the Web: Top Restaurants In NY/Lon/Asia, Your Second Brain and That Street Fighter Game…

I’ve scoured the web and gleaned over 50 great articles. More of a health and social scene vibe in this edition and some really funny articles. Enjoy.

Ministry Of the Rich (4)

Rich people are to blame for the rise of Lyme disease  The disease causes symptoms like swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and attacks on joints, muscles and even the brain. It causes by bacteria carried by ticks that thrive on forest left behind between developed lots. The edge between city and land provides the perfect shading and plant growth for these ticks. And it’s rich people who ask for these natural features between their large houses.

Wealthy L.A. Schools’ Vaccination Rates Are as Low as South Sudan’s Hollywood parents say not vaccinating makes “instinctive” sense. Now their kids have whooping cough. Uh oh.

What Would a Truly Representational US Congress Look Like? Less rich men

Instagram’s CEO Some insightful analysis on the resignation of Instagram’s co-founders. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, from Facebook. The author argues that the recent growth of Instagram at the expense of Snapchat is due more to Facebook’s platform, network and ad-model than to the Instagram product itself. Worth reading with a recent  interview of the founder of WhatsApp who quit some months ago.

Department Of Health (8)

Chinese Longevity Herb Fo-ti is a Chinese root herb that apparently has anti-ageing properties but it has bad side-effects on the liver. This piece summarises the science on this herb and argues there may be some potential in the herb.

When You Work Out Might Affect How Much Muscle You Gain  In general, working in the evening is better for muscle growth, but it depends on your chronotype.

Can Fish Oil Cut Danger of High-Risk Heart Issues? Short answer is yes.

Two people with paralysis walk again using an implanted device Amazing, the impact sends electric impulses to the spine and the test patients could walk again

I ran 100 miles in a day – this is what happened to my body It’s not great for the body, but the runner finds the sense of personal achievement is enough. Obviously, in  my case, the reason I don’t run long distance is entirely due to health concerns rather than the allure of a good book or Netflix.

World Health Organization Study Finds Alcohol Responsible for Five Percent of Deaths WorldwideThe ultimate source of the problems may be murkier than WHO finds, but it does suggest alcohol is a major social issue.

Combined mineral-supplemented diet and exercise increases bone mass and strength Another mice study, but with stronger theoretical grounding, finds that mineral-supplemented diet plus exercise makes bones stronger. The minerals were calcium and phosphorous.

3 huge new studies of more than half a million people are casting major doubts on the keto diet Keto diets (cut carbs, increase fat and have limited proteins) may cut out too many nutrients to the body


Department of the Future (5)

In the future, you’ll never have to leave your neighbourhood The idea of grand city planning may become redundant. Instead, highly localised planning may create self-contained areas with all your needs. Tokyo is already creating ones for the elderly called “Daily Activity Areas” which are constructed like college campuses.

25 Years Of Wired Predictions: Why the Future Never Arrives Humbling review why most tech predictions turn out to be wrong though contain seeds of truth.

All the things that still baffle self-driving cars, starting with seagulls  Putting masking tape on parts of a “Stop” sign can fool a self-driving car into not stopping. Seagulls standing on the road force an emergency break. We have a long way to go.

11 Rising Stars of Science Some interesting people here from a materials scientist who is finding alternatives to transit solar to a frost surveyor who gets secrets from deep frozen soil.

Education Prophesies: How We Envisioned the Classroom of the Future Remote teachers, robots and high-tech gadgets were predicted back in the 1950s for today, but not much has really changed.


Department of Nostalgia (4)

Kodak relaunches Ektachrome film after 6-year absence The Hipster dollar

The best-designed phones of all time, according to the experts A trip down memory lane for the non-selfie generation

10 Awkward Family Portraits Not Suitable for Framing I’ve some to add to this site!

1,100 Classic Arcade Machines Added to the Internet Arcade: Play Them Free Online You can now play all those arcade games from your youth! Street Fighter was my favourite –  hadouken!


Tech Department (4)

Yelp for Noise A new app called SoundPrint filters cafes for the noise levels.

This iOS 12 Shortcut automatically activates your iPhone camera during a police stop The article gives instructions on how to create the shortcut. Could be useful, especially in the US.

This new tech makes it harder for ISPs to spy on you Some software that helps prevent others from stealing your IP address

Grab halts late-night carpooling in Singapore Too many drunk and aggressive passengers


The Well-Being Centre For the Mind (8)

Removing ‘zombie cells’ in the brain could help battle the effects of dementia Early days and the theoretical understanding is poor, but it seems to work for mice, so it could eventually work for humans.

We Might Have Just Discovered The Missing Link Between The Brain And Gut  The “gut instinct” could really be a sixth sense. New studies (on mice!) are finding that the gut communicates to the brain via neuro-transmitters rather than slower hormones. Apparently many ailments such as obesity, arthritis and depression get their start in the gut.

Who believes in conspiracies? Research offers a theory Basically people who are suspicious, untrusting, have the need to feel special and see the world as dangerous. They also tend to judge nonsensical statements as profound. Question is whether the study was funded by a secret organisation with members across the world who give each other funny hand signals….

How to Make Friends, According to Science Put the time in.

Sleepless in … Seattle? Which city gets the least shuteye? According to Jawbone data, Tokyo residents get the least sleep (5hr 46min) , while Melbourne residents get the most (7hrs 5min) – close second is London! (7hrs2min). Dubai and Seoul are at low-end with Tokyo. Separately some academics have found that residents cities where the sun sets earlier tend to get more sleep and earn more!

Comparative efficacy and acceptability of 21 antidepressant drugs for the acute treatment of adults with major depressive disorder The study actually came out earlier this year, but was cited in a recent article I was reading. Anyway, the study finds that for those suffering from major depressions almost all types of anti-depressants outperform placebos in reducing the effects of the depression.

5 surprising ways your office is influencing your brain Hot desking, artificial lights and broken water cooler are bad for you.

The Curse of America’s Illogical School-Day Schedule  The American schooling day tends to start and end than most other countries. The early start time disrupts children’s’ natural sleep pattern (they typically go to bed at 11pm) and the early end time forces working parents to pay for additional childcare.


Ministry Of Film (6)

12 Unforgettable Sci-Fi Movies About Memory Didn’t realise how many good movies are about memory

Live streams of karate and niche sports are terrifying major sports leagues Pro sports such as NFL and the NBA are one of the few areas dominated by traditional TV, but niche sports like martial arts, surfing and even lawn bowling are starting to eat into the sports pie by being distributed via the internet.

Here’s Your First Look at Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in Makeup This Joker movie is gonna be great!

23 Literary Movies and TV Shows You Should Be Watching This Fall A posh list

A GoPro Adventure in Les 3 Vallees Really cool and well edited short video of snowboarders

HBO To Open Doors To Westeros In Northern Ireland As It Eyes Major ‘Game Of Thrones’ Tourist Attractions I’ve only ever watched one episode of Game Of Thrones and I felt it was more geared to teenage boys given the swords, dragons and scantily dressed women. But I’m in the minority as the show has swept the world in its popularity. For fans, you will soon be able to visit the filming location and sets of the show in Northern Ireland.


Department Of Tourism (6)

The 50 coolest neighbourhoods in the world Includes Peckham (London), West Village (NY), Tanjong Pagar (Singapore), Wan Chai (Hong Kong) and Yanaka (Tokyo)

The 50 best restaurants in Singapore you must try Time Out’s latest list. “Cheek By Jowl”, “Birds Of A Feather” and “The Coconut Club” are on my list for my next visit

The 100 best restaurants in NYC you have to try Can someone treat me to “Masa”

Best sushi in Tokyo A sushi chef that will chat to you in English – Ichibancho Teruya!

The best bars in London and useful accompanying article: Five popular hangover cures, reviewed by experts


Theme Park Of Distractions (7)

Rainbowception: Photographer Snaps Rare Supernumerary Rainbow Stacked rainbows!

Putting the Talmud online I didn’t realise the Talmud, the source of Jewish religious law,  was not available online, but now it is with notes and all.

Do boring speakers really talk for longer? Academic studied this and finds the answer is yes

Arablish What happens when restaurants in the Middle East use Google Translate to translate their food menus into English!

This Teenager Survived Almost 50 Days Adrift at Sea in a Floating Wooden Hut Amazing story! Waiting for the movie (with an American kid, rather than an Indonesian one, I assume)

These Amazing Photos Show the First Rover Landing on an Asteroid Japan has clinched the first asteroid landing. Cool pictures

No need to dig, here are 20 treasures from Google Arts & Culture A pretty cool feature from Google.