Best Of the Web: Natural Hair Re-Growth, New Apple iOS and “The Rock” As President…

I’ve gone through hundreds and hundreds of articles and picked out the best. There’s 40 in all with links and brief summaries. Enjoy!

The new iPhone iOS upgrade is great…

19 Things You Can Do in iOS 12 That You Couldn’t Do Before The update has a bunch of new features from the “Memojis” (you create your own emojis) to better battery life and notification management to the ability to track how much time to spend on your phone (ScreenTime).I particularly like (9), which  is the new app called “Measure” that allows you to use the in-built AR to point the camera at anything and measure the dimension!

How to use Siri Shortcuts One of the most practical new features is Siri Shortcuts, which allows you to create a set of instructions that can be triggered by asking Siri – for example, you can create a bundle that opens your map, selects home, then picks your music playlist when you tell Siri “Take me home”.

AirPods to get Live Listen feature in iOS 12 Another cool feature is that you can now turn your AirPods into a directional microphone! So you can point your phone at someone near you in crowded room and hear them better.


Misunderstanding Apple the Company

The iPhone Franchise As for the many Apple bears that argue the IPhone XS is not much of an improvement, this article from Ben Thompson is a great read. His basic point is that most of miss what the iPhone or Apple is – it’s not going to compete on price or even on one product, but rather Apple sells an experience. i-Phone users may not buy the latest model today, but when their phone dies, they will buy an iPhone.

Lasts Longer On a related point, this blog argues that a key plank of Apple’s strategy is sustainability – that is they want their phones to last. So if you want a cheap iPhone, you can buy an older version. In the end, Apple is betting on having customers not selling them products. The writer argues that this is unique model of hardware-as-platform model.


Markets Amazon could be disrupting next: 

Physical retail stores by building 3,000 cashier-less stores

Banks. 65% of Amazon Prime members would bank with the company

Car dealerships. Hyundai has launched a digital showroom on Amazon.


New Tech You’ve Missed:

Moxi the ‘friendly’ hospital robot wants to help nurses, not replace them

Tik Tok is taking over the world Think Instagram, except Tik Tok features 15-second clips of lip-synching, dancing, and skits. Created in China and now spreading across Asia

Is content validation the next growth industry? AI, humans, blockchain – all are be used to crack this nut.

Is coding becoming obsolete? You may not need to get your kids to learn to code! There’s a growing no-coding movement – that is, platforms that do it for you

The first common 3D-printed buildings might be army barracks Yes, buildings can be built by 3D printers. They’re ugly though.

The video game ‘Fortnite’ is cited as a reason for 200 divorces in the U.K. The dark side of gaming!

Artificial intelligence can be used to translate what animals say and think about us, researchers say hmm. I’m not convinced, but here’s hoping.

New AI Strategy Mimics How Brains Learn to Smell A lot of AI is used for vision-type applications, but smell could be another avenue. It would allow AI to learn from more fuzzy and less discrete types of stimulus (smell).

Glimpse: How Electronic Tattoos Will Change The World — And Ourselves e-Tattoos to control devices and check your health vitals.

BMW’s Self-Driving Motorcycle Could Help Keep Bikers Safe Cool, but somehow more creepy than self-driving cars.


Healthy Mind and Body

How to Do a Squat Without Messing Up Your Knees I do squats, good to know how to do it properly

Put to sleep by immune cells Severe sleep disorders could be due to unusually high levels of immune cells (T-cells). Technical essay.

Who likes to be alone? Not introverts, according to a new paper on personality and the experience of solitude Surprisingly introverts are more likely to enjoy solitude than extroverts. Instead, people who have high “dispositional autonomy” like solitude. These are people who tend to be resistant to pressure from others and are interested in learning more about their personal experiences and emotions.

The whiff of sandalwood makes the human head sprout more hair Would be pretty cool if true!

This is what it’s like being in a -87 degree cryotherapy chamber There are lots of benefits to exposing your body to extreme temperatures and now there are ways you can do it more easily.

Is Breakfast Cereal Any Good for You? I like my cereal and thankfully some may be good for you just use your common sense (no Frosties!)

A Brand New Class of Antidepressants Is Being Reviewed by The FDA, And It’s a ‘Game-Changer’ For Postpartum Brexanolone could be the first new class of anti-depressants in decades. It’s advantage is that it works instantly, rather than taking  months, which would be crucial for post-partum depression.


Films, Books and Music

The 20 Wildest, Coolest, and Most Unique Films We Can’t Wait to See at Fantastic Fest 2018  The film festival for sci-fi, fantasy and weird movies.

25 Artists Shaping the Future Of Music Mitski is one of them, who I’m seeing live next week!

Best Books Of the 21st Century So Far I struggle finding good fiction, so I think I’ll work through this list.

Every Wes Anderson movie ranked in order of greatness I love his movies.

The Best Graphic Novels of All Time With a Kindle, I tend to buy e-books, but graphic novels are the ones I have to (and enjoy) buying hard copies in. Some good ones on the list.

The 8 most chilling (and brilliant) horror films on Netflix UK I tend to avoid horror, but might give some these a try

The World’s Highest-Paid Hip-Hop Acts 2018 Top pay is $77mn –not bad

All the Cosmic Secrets We Uncovered in the Stunning Captain Marvel Trailer It looks quite good even though I am suffering from Superhero fatigue

Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About That ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer It revolves around Brie Larson, who plays the titular character, punching an old lady

Fun Stuff

Times Newer Roman is a sneaky font designed to make your essays look longer. For when you need to hit that five-page minimum, but you’ve run out of things to say

Uncanny Resemblances Between Classic Dog Breeds and Humans Captured by Gerrard Gethings I’ve always thought dog-owners look like their dogs!

Athlete Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant After Downing 100 Plates Of Sushi.Not sure if I’m impressed or feel sick!

Kardashian Lifestyle Klub kicks off its second semester Wondering what your kids are doing when you send them to Princeton?

How Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will become President I wouldn’t be surprised

This Year’s Hottest Cultural Trend Is Blockbuster Nostalgia. Kids won’t get it, but I remember the excitement of going to Blockbusters.